About Us

The studio is managed by Architect Gabriella Barr-Sofer, specializes in architecture, interior design and branding of commercial spaces, public spaces and residential towers.

Thanks to Gabriella’s rich experience and knowledge of architectural design for over two decades as an Architects & an interior designer the clients enjoy a professional and innovative design solution. To realize and assimilate the business vision in space, Gabriella creates a human discourse that leads to a pleasant sense of closeness and openness in the architectural and design processes.

The planning and design journey will include meticulous architectural design, space program preparation,  Including all types of drawings and layouts, and meeting customer’s budget. We invite you to take a fascinating journey with us, creating a space with the perfect synergy of details, along with original and interesting design that creates fun, inviting and enjoyable spaces, work, sales and entertainment

Architect Gabriella Barr-Sofer

Our Services

  • Public

    • Luxury communal spaces
    • Renovations of public spaces
    • senior housing and assisted living
    • Residential & Housing

    Elderly Housing

    • Elderly Housing  
    • Nursing  Houses 



  • Public buildings
  • Residential
  • Housing
  • Urban planning